Connecticut courthouse marshals fitted for bulletproof vests

Hundreds of employees who work as judicial marshals guarding Connecticut courthouses were fitted for bulletproof vests on Monday. The vests are being issued following a complaint by a union of potential threats from firearms, that resulted in a safety citation. Connecticut Post

Employee burned at Massachusetts brewery

Fed-OSHA is investigating a Tuesday afternoon incident at a Canton, Massachusetts brewery that resulted in burns to a 55-year-old contractor, who was airlifted to a Boston hospital. Boston Globe [may require registration]

Florida worker injured in crane collapse at boat ramp

One person was injured Tuesday morning when an 80-ton crane tipped over at a boat ramp in St. Augustine, Florida. Police say the crane truck was working on a dock when its crane end tipped into the water, pulling up the truck cab 30 feet into the air. News4Jax [with video]

Methane fumes kill Wyoming farmworker

A 52-year-old man died and three others were exposed to methane fumes Tuesday following a workplace incident at a dairy farm in Wyoming. Wyoming News [may require registration]

New Jersey worker injured in fall at school site

A 54-year-old contractor fell from a 24-foot steel structure at a Millburn, New Jersey middle school on Wednesday and was hospitalized for his injuries. A Fed-OSHA spokesperson said that the man fell while engaging in steel decking operations and had serious but non-life threatening injuries. Millburn Patch

How to tell if your fitness class is too loud

A 2016 study of noise levels in cycling classes found that the average 45-minute class was nine times the allowable level for an eight-hour workday. If the instructor (or multi-class riders) is there for several classes, they’re at risk for damaging their hearing. To find out how loud your fitness class is, you can download […]