Fed-OSHA fines Colorado employer nearly $65K following worker’s death in railcar

Greeley, Colorado-based EnviroTech Services faces $64,857 in proposed Fed-OSHA fines after an employee died while cleaning the inside of a railcar at one of the company’s plants in December 2017. A second employee who tried to rescue his co-worker was also overcome, but survived. Citations include failure to implement a permit-required confined space program. Greeley […]

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard pulls out of VPP

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, which has been recognized since 2006 as a Fed-OSHA Voluntary Protection Program “Star Site,” has withdrawn from the program before the agency could terminate its participation for failing to resolve a known safety issue amid growing tension with its unions. Kitsap Sun

Florida ironworker killed when welding bottle explodes

Florida authorities have identified the 32-year-old man who killed in an explosion at an iron working plant last week, when a welding bottle holding pressurized gas exploded. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Tampa Bay Times

Wyoming man succumbs to farm manure methane and drowns

A 52-year-old man died last week after falling down a well shaft at a southeast Wyoming dairy farm, where he succumbed to methane fumes from cow manure and drowned in a pool of water. Three coworkers who tried to save him were treated for methane exposure. WSAV (Savannah, Ga.)

Kentucky Labor Cabinet says it saved employers $651K last month

Last month, the Kentucky Labor Cabinet conducted 23 free on-site visits, or “consultative surveys” for Kentucky employers, correcting 93 serious violations that could have affected up to 1,933 employees and resulting in saving participating companies up to $651,000 in potential enforcement penalties, according to the agency. According to a recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

Connecticut school cited for housekeeping issues

Conn-OSHA has cited an Enfield school for “gross accumulations” of dirt, dust, cobwebs, and debris in the ventilation units of several classrooms and accumulations of dust throughout the building. The agency’s report says the dust accumulations appear to be impacting air quality and employees’ sense of health and wellbeing. Journal Inquirer (Manchester, Conn.)