Company cited in Dallas stucco worker’s fatal fall

A New Mexico-based plastering company has been ordered to pay $250,000 in penalties after a worker who had been completing stucco work fell 23 feet to his death from a third-floor balcony at a Dallas construction site in 2015. The company on Wednesday admitted to eight willful violations of Fed-OSHA regulations. Dallas Morning News

Fed-OSHA investigating crush deaths of two men near Buffalo

Fed-OSHA is investigating the deaths of two Niagara County, New York men after they were crushed by more than four tons of countertop slabs as they unloaded the material from a trailer on Monday. Fed-OSHA’s website lists 57 complaints against the company, XPO, in the last five years, three of them in New York. Buffalo […]

Fed-OSHA investigating after man dies picking tomatoes in Georgia

A 24-year-old man that had been in the United States for less than a week has died picking tomatoes in Colquitt County, Georgia. Weather conditions had the air temperature at 93 degrees with a humidity level of 94 percent. Fed-OSHA is investigating. WFXL

Why do flight attendants have a higher risk of certain cancers?

A new study by Harvard researchers finds that flight attendants are at a higher risk of getting cancer than the general population. The study does not draw any conclusions about the cause of these higher rates of cancer, but suggests that flight attendants’ high exposure to cosmic ionizing radiation at flight altitude, Circadian rhythm disruption, […]