Iowa wind blade manufacturer hires Bush administration official to dispute safety fines

TPI Composites has hired a top official from President George W. Bush’s administration in its efforts to fight more than $154,000 in IOSH fines that the agency issued following a Des Moines Register investigation that found hundreds of cases of skin injuries resulting from epoxy resin used to fabricate wind blades at its Newton, Iowa […]

Healthcare workers to hike 100 miles to raise awareness of violence

Fed-OSHA has found that from 2002 to 2013, the number of serious workplace violence incidents that required time off from work to recuperate was four times higher in health care than in other private industries. To raise awareness about the violence Minnesota nurses, doctors and first responders can face when helping patients, a group of […]

Could EPA proposal lead to new uses for asbestos?

The United States has imposed strict regulations on asbestos use rather than banning it altogether, unlike dozens of other developed nations. The Environmental Protection Agency has recently proposed a new framework that could allow new uses for the toxic chemical in manufacturing. NBC News [with video]

Fed-OSHA issues $14K in penalties for deadly crane incident

Fed-OSHA has issued a crane manufacturer the maximum fine following the deaths of three people when a 300-ton crane collapsed in February in Atrim Township, Pennsylvania. According to the agency, the company placed employee work facilities too close to the crane testing area. PennLive