Memphis warehouse workers file heat complaint with TOSHA

Employees working in a metal warehouse with no air conditioning filed a complaint last week against their employer related to to the working conditions at the Memphis worksite. One says she has suffered from heat stress multiple times during her four years working at the warehouse. Another employee who was suffering from heat illness allegedly […]

Michigan prof: Should Fed-OSHA regulate professional football?

Adam Finkel, clinical professor of environmental health sciences at University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, and former regional administrator and director of the health regulatory programs at Fed-OSHA, addresses in two recent publications the issue of safety–particularly repeated head trauma–for professional football players. Michigan News (University of Michigan)

Fed-OSHA to meeting to address whistleblower issues in finance industry

Fed-OSHA has scheduled a public meeting October 16 in Washington, D.C., to solicit public comments and suggestions from stakeholders on whistleblower issues in the finance industry. The agency enforces the whistleblower provisions of 22 statutes protecting employees who report violations of airline, commercial motor vehicle, consumer product, environmental, financial reform, food safety, health care reform, […]

Company says crane op blameless in accident involving home

Executives with a Florida crane company say the certified operator of the crane that fell onto an Orlando home last week did nothing wrong. The company’s investigator claims the operator used a weight-spreading pad and had no way of knowing he had picked an especially soft spot with loose soil over a water line. WFTV […]

Virginia OSHA fines contractor $304K for silica violations

VOSH has issued five citations for crystalline silica dust-related violations and other violations to a Roanoke, Virginia contractor and handed down more than $304,000 in fines. Citations include failure to ensure employees doing concrete work on a bridge wore the proper eyewear, and allowing a temporary worker to remove concrete from the deck of a […]