Fireball shoots from Pennsylvania gas line

A ball of fire shot out of a gas line in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania early Wednesday morning when it was struck by a contractor. One worker was injured and taken to a hospital. Officials said the injuries are not believed to be serious. WPXI (Pittsburgh) [with video]

‘Freak accident’ kills bowling alley owner in pinsettter machine

The 65-year-old owner of a Florence, Colorado bowling alley died Sunday afternoon in a freak accident when he was crushed by the pin-setting machine. In 2015, Fed-OSHA investigated a similar accident at a bowling alley near Cincinnati that killed a worker who was repairing the pin-setting machine. Kansas City Star

Fed-OSHA fines New Jersey lumber company $106K

Following an investigation prompted by a complaint, a Medford, New Jersey lumber company faces penalties of more than $106,000 for allegedly exposing employees to combustible dust and other hazards, according to Fed-OSHA. The company also failed to use lockout/tagout procedures and machine guards to protect employees from amputations, according to the agency. Cherry Hill Courier-Post

SeaWorld carpenter’s finger partially amputated earlier this year

About three-fourths of an inch of a SeaWorld Orlando carpenter’s middle finger was amputated after he was injured using a router table saw to construct a fence in late May, federal records show. Fed-OSHA investigators visited SeaWorld and closed the case in July without issuing any fine, according to the agency’s website. Orlando Sentinel

Fed-OSHA fines Wisconsin refinery over $83K

A Superior, Wisconsin refining company faces $83,150 in Fed-OSHA fines after a series fires and an explosion at a refinery in April. The agency cited the refinery for eight serious violations of safety management procedures. Investigators found the refinery failed to inspect and test equipment to ensure it was fit for service, and did not […]