New Jersey worker survives fall from building onto rebar

Authorities in Harrison, New Jersey say a 23-year-old construction worker site fell four stories Friday morning and suffered impalement injuries after landing on a piece of steel reinforcing bar. Fed-OSHA is investigating as the worker recovers from his injuries. Jersey Journal

Family says inmate on work-release fatally struck by falling beam

The family of a man who was incarcerated for intoxicated driving says he died last week after suffering a head injury from a falling beam while on a work-release program in Walker, Louisiana. Fed-OSHA is investigating. A representative of the transitional workforce program says it was was the first serious injury or death since he […]

Colorado couple grieves son as citations issued

Fed-OSHA earlier this month issued citations and fines of more than $38,000 to three companies in connection with the death of a 25-year-old Fort Collins man who was fatally struck by a falling steel beam at a school construction site in April. The man’s father, a plant manager for construction supply company, said he had […]

Michigan man’s arm nearly amputated by log splitter

A 33-year-old man suffered a serious injury last week at a Clare County, Michigan worksite when his arm became caught in a log splitter as he tried to remove a piece of wood. MIOSHA is investigating. UpNorthLive

Fed-OSHA fines company more than $331K after construction site fatality

A pipe company has been fined more than $331,000 by Fed-OSHA following the electrocution death of a 30-year-old employee in April, when a machine struck a 23,000-volt high-tension line as a crew was working on a sewer project in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. According to the agency, the company did not have proper training for workers, atmospheric […]

Worker dies after fall through skylight at Connecticut warehouse

A 59-year-old man who fell about 30 feet through a skylight while rebuilding a plumbing supply store and warehouse roof died last week in a Connecticut hospital. The city of Stamford had issued a stop-work order on the project. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Stamford Advocate

Employee dies in conveyor accident at North Carolina food plant

A 55-year-old mechanic at a food plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina reportedly was fatally struck in the head last week when he became trapped in scissor lift while repairing a conveyor belt. OSHNC is investigating. The plant appears to have a history of safety violations in recent years. Laurinburg Exchange