Nurse alleges punishment for raising safety issues at Portland psych facility

An employee of a Portland, Oregon psychiatric care facility claims he has was punished by his employer after he identified and reported problems of violence, sexual assault and self-harm by patients. Oregon health officials in March launched an investigation of the private facility and found some patients were allowed to hurt themselves and others and […]

OFF TOPIC: New company helps people escape San Francisco’s cost of living

A company is responding to the demand expressed by nearly half of surveyed Bay Area residents who say they would likely be leaving the area within the next few years, with many identifying traffic and cost of living as primary factors. The San Francisco metro area is the second most expensive place to live in […]

Why CDC is ‘OK’ with no gloves to administer vaccines

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Administration’s Best Practices Guidance of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, wearing gloves is not required for healthcare workers who are administering vaccinations. So, if gloves aren’t required, what is?

Fed-OSHA to use electronic recordkeeping data to target specific employers

With the aim of boosting electronic recordkeeping compliance, Fed-OSHA last week launched a new initiative, the Site-Specific Targeting 2016 (SST-16) Program, that focuses enforcement resources on general industry workplaces with a history of injuries and illnesses that have not provided required data under its electronic recordkeeping rules. Employers who failed to provide 2016 Form 300A […]

Appeals court decision shows limits on Fed-OSHA safety inspections

Employers could be emboldened to resist Fed-OSHA inspectors’ attempts to expand accident inspections into broader inspections, as a result of an 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month in which the court sided with a Georgia poultry plant. Atlanta Journal-Constitution