Operator says Colorado oil tank fire started during maintenance work

The company that operates an oil tank that caught fire in northern Colorado over the weekend, injuring three workers, says the blaze started during maintenance work. The contractors reportedly were working on an out-of-service storage tank when sparks from a power tool ignited residual oil and vapor. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Scottsbluff Star-Herald

Connecticut tree worker injured in fall

A worker fell from a bucket truck while cutting a tree in Westport, Connecticut on Monday, but the extent of his injuries could not immediately be confirmed. News 12 Connecticut (Norwalk, Conn.) [with video]

Top 10 most-cited injury list released

Fed-OSHA has announced its preliminary Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2018. Click here to see what they are. AZ Big Media

‘Accepting toxic workplaces as normal is dangerous’

A meta-analysis of hundreds of studies examining the effect of workplace practices on health and mortality several years ago concluded that many aspects of work including long hours, an absence of job control, economic insecurity, and work-family conflict were as harmful to health as second-hand smoke, a known and regulated carcinogen. Employees working in stress-filled, […]