Worker injured at Massachusetts seafood plant

Fed-OSHA is investigating after a man was injured on the job Wednesday morning at a New Bedford, Massachusetts seafood processing plant. The company was reportedly cited for seven serious violation following the 2014 death of a man who was caught in machinery while cleaning a shellfish-shucking machine. WBSM (New Bedford, Mass.)

Crane collapses at Texas school construction site

Fed-OSHA is investigating the collapse last month of a 260-foot crane at a Tyler, Texas high school construction site. No injures were reported; officials notified Fed-OSHA of the incident. East Texas Matters (Tyler, Texas)

Fossil fuel boom brings mounting risk of death, injuries

Drilling is inherently dangerous, with a fatality rate nearly five times that of all industries in the United States combined in 2014. From 2008 through 2017, 1,566 workers died from injuries in the oil-and-gas drilling industry and related fields, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost exactly the number of U.S. troops who were […]

Fed-OSHA issues new trenching safety emphasis program

Responding to a rise in injuries and fatalities relating to the hazards in trenching and excavation, Fed-OSHA has implemented a new national emphasis program that will begin inspections for any open trench or excavation that a compliance officer observes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified 130 fatalities in trenching and excavation operations between 2011 and […]

Fed-OSHA’s top 10 violations for printing industry

Fed-OSHA has released the top 10 violations for the printing industry, which the agency has identified as a high-hazard industry for amputations. The list includes violations from several industry segments including construction and general industry, with printing falling under the latter. Printing Impressions

Fatal Chicago garage fire under investigation

Fed-OSHA is investigating after an “open flame ignition” caused a fire on December 29 at a Chicago garage, resulting in the death of a 47-year-old man who had been working on the roof as part of a crew. His four coworkers reportedly escaped with burns. CBS Chicago [with video]

Contractor sues Wisconsin refinery over blast injuries

A lawsuit filed in November against a Superior, Wisconsin refinery alleges a contractor was injured in late April when an explosion threw him 15 feet into the air, resulting in severe injuries when he hit the floor. The contractor had been tasked with chemical cleanup as the refinery shut down for maintenance and was working […]