New York legislators renew push for farmworker rights

With Democrats controlling both houses of the New York legislature, a bill that would grant farmworkers employment rights such as collective bargaining and the ability to unionize, establish an eight-hour workday, and require farms to pay overtime and provide laborers at least one day off each week, has a chance of becoming law this year. […]

Restaurant employee’s freezer death spurs lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed in connection with the March 2016 death of a 61-year-old longtime Atlanta restaurant employee who was trapped in a freezer overnight when an interior latch allegedly failed. The companies that manufactured the freezer and the handle and serviced the freezer are named as defendants in the litigation. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Expert finds no measurable asbestos in University of Montana hall

An asbestos expert last week told a group of about 50 concerned parents that there was no measurable amount of asbestos in the air at a University of Montana and employees should shortly be able to return to work in the building after a deep clean. Health and safety consultant Scott Rogers He added that […]

Nine years after Connecticut power plant explosion, survivors call for more protections

The victims of the 2010 natural gas power plant explosion in Middletown, Connecticut last week were recalled by about 40 people during a program just outside the property. The memorial also focused on making workplace safety a top priority in the legislature. State law now bans use of flammable gas to clean piping at power […]

New Hampshire: NIOSH awaiting decision funding for chemical exposures study

A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health official says the agency is waiting for a funding decision to determine if it can do a health study on Portsmouth, New Hampshire-area firefighters exposed to PFAS chemicals. Thousands of people working at the tradeport, along with children and infants who attended two day-care centers there, were […]